• Bandits (Java, use with Eclipse):  Implementation of various stochastic multiarmed-bandits algorithms in a unified way together with tools to perform extensive numerical experiments. Requires Gnuplot, version 4.4 recommended.
  • Random projections: A small Python program plotting results of the random projection
    for linear regression using wavelet basis functions as features together with comparison to linear regression in the initial space.
  • Adaptive Bandits: Small (not optimised) Python program that enables to compare between many different algorithms for various notions of constrained opponent, in the adaptive bandit setting.


  • Amazone (Java, use with Eclipse): Simple Amazone game for illustration of a programming course at IUT Physics of Lille 1 in 2009 (blank AI, load/save not implemented).
  • Go (Java, use with Eclipse): Simple extension of the Amazone game to the Go game with visualization of influence areas.


Here are some softwares that adress some practical issues I want to advertise:

  • Pdf query (home made): all researchers have hundreads of articles in pdf format on their computer. What if you want to find one quickly, especially if wou do not remember precise information ? The program called “pdf?” is designed to this task. You create a query (e.g. author, title…), it gives you the matching articles.
  • Mendeley (Mendeley project): a file  manager dedicated to research articles. It enables to extract information from pdfs, import bibilography from the web, rename files automatically according to custom choices…etc you may want to use this program together with Pdf?.
  • Git (Git project): an uncentralized file version manager.

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